Sunday, March 06, 2011

If You're Not First, You're Outlast

Just when I was starting to make a dent in my blogging backlog, my computer went and shit the bed. Third time in the past year. While I've been lucky enough in the past to recover all my data before rebuilding my machine, this time I wasn't as lucky. Four months of photo, and music files were lost. All music that I had added between November and the end of February was lost. All records and CD's that I had cataloged in my database for that time period vanished. Four months of work flushed down the toilet as my computer experience a hardware failure and crashed. At least I had bought an external hard drive back in November, and backed up my info then, so all was not lost. Sure the blog hit a bit of an obstacle with my computer down for a week, but now I'll probably have to devote most of my time to rebuilding what can be recovered.

Bottled Up is a small time record label. They don't crank out a ton of releases...hell, the last time we heard from Jeff was back in 2009 when he released the Right Idea 'Our World' 7 inch. Bottled Up may not be huge, but when they do release a record, you know that it is going to be something honest and heartfelt.

Bottled Up have released some solid releases over the years, with One Up, Have Heart, and The First Step in their back catalog. When I heard the label was going to be releasing the new Outlast 7 inch, I knew that this was going to be their best release yet.

The band had a solid demo in 2009, and I was really looking forward to some new stuff from this Straight Edge band. This record does not disappoint, and I will be spinning it all week in anticipation of catching their live show at the end of next week in Boston.

100 on green, 150 on white, and 250 on black.

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