Saturday, May 27, 2006

Love It To Death

Ebay mistake. Judging from the photo on eBay, this copy of Alice Cooper 'Love it to Death' looked like it was in decent shape. I threw a bid on it for $5.00, and then after the fact I noticed that the write up mentioned water damage. It also stated that it was in Very Good or Very Good+ condition. Sounded like it might still be okay. I received the package in the mail and the guy did the worst packaging job that I have ever seen. I opened up the box and see the condition of the record. Shit. The inside gatefold and back cover have big sections where the cover has ripped away and is falling apart. I should have read the eBay description more closely before bidding. Oh well, it was just $5.00. The vinyl is in great shape, but I need the packaging to be of quality as well. Damn it, I'm going to need a better copy of this record.

This copy has the green Warner Brothers label, and the controversial "thumb" cover. The record was originally released on Frank Zappa's Straight label. The cover photo has Alice sticking his thumb through a hole in his cape. The thumb looks like a penis, and soon after Warner Brothers re-released it, the photo was airbrushed to remove the offensive thumb. Rock out with your cock out.

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