Sunday, April 30, 2006

Think I Care?

Think I Care pre-order from Bridge 9 Records. Orange with black splatter, limited to 300. World Asylum is the newest from this band. I picked up their self-titled CD a few years ago. Pretty decent hardcore with a definite Infest influence. I liked it, but I've probably listened to that CD about 5 times since I bought it. Didn't really hold my attention, even though I love Infest. Saw them at Posi-Numbers last year. Still failed to move me. The only reason why I bought their newest album was because it was on Bridge 9. I've only listened to World Asylum one time so it probably isn't fair for me to form an opinion yet, but it sounds like more of the same. There were a couple of songs that caught my attention but this may be a case of the record looking better than it sounds.

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