Monday, August 19, 2013

More and More Reveal

Last year, I felt like I completed my Reveal collection. I had the white and the green colored vinyl, and had just added the limited yellow sleeve to the orange and the blue ones that I already owned. I thought that I was done. At that point, I was told that there was another variant with round Reveal sticker on a plain white cover. I've still never seen one of these, so in the meantime, I figured that I'd grab a couple more copies of the limited sleeve.

I've always told myself that if I found other copies of the limited sleeve, even though I already owned them, I'd probably still buy them if the price was right. I'm obsessed with this record, and when two copies popped up on eBay over the past couple of months, I threw a low bid on each of them. I figured that if no one else was going to bid, then I'd take them. Seems a shame to let an auction end on this record with no bids. Reveal deserve better than that.

At least the new yellow cover that I won is a different shade than the one I already owned. It saves me from looking like a total idiot for buying these again. It does, right?

I'm not sure what my end goal is here. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another copy, but am I really expecting to buy all 100 of these? No, not really. Still, it will be fun to see how stupid this collection can get.


mcs said...

I think a feasible goal would be to own ten, with one number from each ten in the hundred, i.e. 0x, 1x, 2x, 3x etc.

Anonymous said...

"Still, it will be fun to see how stupid this collection can get."