Saturday, August 03, 2013

Down With The Hounds

More Painkiller pre-orders that I didn't want to miss out on...

The Trust were a Boston Straight Edge band that were making a good name for themselves in the late 90's. They released a 7 inch on a new label at the time, Bridge Nine, and were getting a great response opening for bands like In My Eyes. Then I lost track of them, and they seemed to disappear. Years later I found out that some of the members went on to form a new band called Down But Not Out, and they recorded a demo in '99. I was listening to a lot of Anti-Flag and Good Riddance at the time, so DBNO never really made it onto my radar, and I never had the chance to check them out. 14 years later, Painkiller pressed the demo to vinyl, and properly introduce the band to me.

This is pretty good stuff, but honestly, I'm not blown away by it. What did surprise me was how fast this thing sold out. In a flash, they were gone from the Painkiller store with promises of another pressing on the way.

This version of the Down But Not Out 7 inch was hand stamped and limited to 117 for the Painkiller 10th anniversary show. The show ended up being cancelled for one reason or another, so the label just threw them up in their webstore.

A few months ago I first heard Sectarian Violence, and it kicked me in the ass. It fired me up and got me in the mood for some new hardcore. I'd heard the name Hounds of Hate tossed around recently, but I thought the band's name was shitty, so I just never paid attention. With Painkiller prepared to put up pre-orders for their new LP, and my desire for something new, I figured that I'd take my head out of the sand and finally check them out.

Damn! I'm impressed. Hounds of Hate remind me of those early Sick Of It All or Killing Time albums. Such a great NYHC sound. I am loving this.

Only pressed on black vinyl. 1,000 pressed.

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