Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clear Dive

Let's get one thing straight, one of my favorite releases of the year has been Get High's Demo LP from Painkiller. I never really cared for the band in the past, but with this record, it finally clicked. Not only did I finally "get it", but I couldn't get enough of it. Because it is a vinyl release of their 1999 demo, I can't consider it a "new release", and therefore it won't make it to my end of year Top 10 list. That is a shame, because the record deserves large amounts of praise...even if it is almost 15 years late.

Well, with my new found infatuation with Get High, it prompted me to dust off those Dive songs on my iPod. Dive was starting up in the Boston Hardcore scene in the early 90's...right around the time I was starting to travel down to Massachusetts for shows. They were one of the first Hardcore bands that I followed from start to finish...from their 1991 demo to their final show, opening for Chorus of Disapproval in '94 or '95.

After repeated listens of Get High, it's like it was fate when I was scrolling though an eBay seller's list of auctions, and I stumbled upon the clear vinyl pressing of Dive's first 7 inch. Limited to only 50 on clear vinyl for the second pressing on Moo Cow Records. A steal at just over $3.00.


mcs said...

Great 7". I have this and also have the 1st press on a different label. I got the clear one from the label in about Summer 96. Also got the Boston Hardcore 7" at the same time on red which was out of 100 and also has a Dive song.

I had no idea that Moo Cow was still going. Wow.

Mike said...

The Dive and Chilmark songs on that Boston Hardcore 7 inch are amazing. I wouldn't mind having that on red at some point as well.