Saturday, August 24, 2013

Brotherhood On Red

My last five posts have all been for records that I've picked up for cheap. Ninty nine cents here...three bucks there. I think the most expensive one was for five dollars. Great deals for sure. The only problem with a string of cheap scores like that is that after a while, I start to get the itch to really invest some cash in a heavy hitter. Something that makes the records surrounding it in my collection, kind of step back, check themselves and shake their head...they mutter "oh fuck" because they know that their new neighbor is on another level of badass.

When Marcus posted on Vinyl Noize about the Brotherhood 7 inch on red, it put a target in my sights. I've loved Brotherhood since I first received the As Thick As Blood LP from Crucial Response back in the early 90's, but for some reason I've never really set out to collect their vinyl. I've picked up piece here and there over the years, but it has never really been something that I've actively sought out. Reading Marcus' post on VN, kind of woke me up to how much I needed this record. He wondered how high this auction was going to go, and while I'm sure that his posting helped inflate the price a bit, it was still worth every penny that I paid.

Everything about this record is perfect...the songs, the layout, the red cover with the red vinyl and blue labels...even the photos make you jealous that you weren't at that show, leaving you only to dream about being up front and singing along.

Since my Fuck Racism copy didn't come with a lyric sheet, I'm glad to finally have one with this copy.

While it has never officially been on my Want List, it feels pretty damn good to own a copy of this.

Second pressing of 500 on red vinyl.


chris said...

This is definitely on my want list and I'm kinda jealous that you just got one. Great score!!! Hopefully I'll be able to grab one soon.

mcs said...

Wow, you really do just buy anything I tell you to huh?

Good pick up though. The most common version, but the hardest one for me to get.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I saw a band called Sojourner in 2011, and Ron Brotherhood came out and sang "Breaking The Ice". So glad I got to witness that.

Anonymous said...

Hey man This is Ron Brotherhood. I shared all your B'hood posts on our facebook page. Hope you don't mind. Get ready to start a new hunt in summer 2014.