Monday, September 06, 2010

Effort With A Purpose

This release was a bit of a surprise from REACT! Records. Powered Records released the 7 inch version of Statement Of Purpose from Common Cause back in 2007, so I didn't expect that it would be getting re-issued so soon. In typical REACT! fashion, they released a total quality product...outstanding packaging, and adding on the songs from the Common Cause demo to make this an LP. When I pre-ordered this record, I also took the opportunity to buy the newest issue of Effort Fanzine. I was so impressed with issue 2, that I didn't hesitate to pick up issue 3. Such a great zine.

200 pressed on red vinyl.

300 pressed on blue vinyl.

400 pressed on black vinyl.

The colored vinyl for this record looks amazing.


Wade said...

seriously such a great release. forgot to mention i got the effort #3 too. i need to get my hands on #1.

Carlos said...

fuck! I didnt pre-order this records..(hope I can still find a color on the react webstore) but I bought the effort zine when it came out, what a great zine!

Aram said...


The red, blue, and back vinyl are still available through our store. Thanks!