Saturday, January 09, 2021

To Whatever Alternate Cover

While I don't many moves to collect multiple colored vinyl pressings these days, I do seem to be a sucker for pressings that use an alternate cover.
I absolutely love the Magnitude album that Triple B released back in 2019. It really draws from the 90's straight edge hardcore sound, and I can't get enough of that shit. I already owned a first pressing of the To Whatever Fateful End record, and I thought that it would be enough for me...but when Triple B dropped the third press this year, swapping out the blue cover with green, goddamn, they certainly had my attention. While I wasn't originally a fan of the front cover art because I thought it looked too "metalcore", I've really grown to love it, and the new green coloring looks fucking great. I managed to go a couple of months of repeatedly adding it to my cart and then deleting it before I finally just said "fuck it" and I bought the damn thing.
500 pressed on the green and white colored vinyl with the green cover.

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