Friday, November 20, 2020

Open Hearts And Cow Print Vinyl

I'm easily influenced. Someone on Instagram recently posted a photo of a record for The First Step, and it got me thinking about what I was still missing. I jumped over to Discogs, noticed a few glaring holes in my TFS collection, and made a move to cross one off the list. Zero self control.
Much to my surprise, I realized that the only copies of Open Hearts And Clear Minds that I owned were the 12 inch reissues. I didn't own a single 7 inch pressing that was originally done by Livewire Records in 2003. Seeing the opportunity to correct this oversight, I grabbed the "cow print" colored vinyl. I love the look of this pressing.
I've been extremely slow in collecting records for The First Step. I fucking love this band, but they released their demo and Open Hearts And Clear Minds before I got into collecting records, so I'm still working on making up that lost ground. It feels good to take another small step in building this collection.

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