Thursday, October 29, 2020

NWOBHM: Too Wild To Tame

Considering that I was already dropping a decent amount for the Persian Risk record, it was probably a dangerous move that I also scrolled through the list of records to see what else the seller had to offer. I did a search to see if they had any other Neat Records singles available, and when I saw the Avenger 7 inch I figured that I might have to add another record to the order to help me justify the overseas shipping costs.
Before seeing the Avenger single in the list of records the seller had available, I had never heard these songs before. I was in a NWOBHM mood, so I jumped over to Soulseek to grab a download and within minutes I was giving the songs a spin. Wow! I was loving what I heard. I'm a huge fan of the band Satan, and when I discovered that the singer, Brian Ross, also did vocals on the Too Wild To Tame record for Avenger, I knew immediately that I couldn't walk away without adding this 7 inch to my order.
Funny how I can go from never hearing a record to buying it in about 15 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Blood Sports is an awesome album (as is Court In The Act by Satan). Neat really was putting out some great stuff at that time.