Friday, October 30, 2020

NWOBHM: Eat The Rich

After picking up the Persian Risk and Avenger singles from an overseas Discogs seller, we started exchanging a few emails. Turns out he runs a small club in his hometown in Belgium, and often times gets the old New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands to play he was around in the NWOBHM heyday, travelling to London a few times a year to see those bands play live in their prime. Fucking amazing.

So after messaging back and forth, and he seemed like such a quality seller, we made a deal off of Discogs for me to pick up one more record.

Like the Avenger 7 inch, I'd never heard the Tysondog single when I'd seen that the seller had it available. They were a band that was on my radar to check out at some point, but I'd just never gotten around to it. I quickly downloaded the songs for the single through Soulseek and I was immediately digging what I heard. Straight forward New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Another band that I need to dig deeper into and check out their full length from the following year.
So that's it. Three NWOBHM singles from Neat added to the collection. All of them in the best of condition, and I love the continuity of the basic black and white covers across all three of them. Fantastic.

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