Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Voice Of Ecostrike

About a year ago, a was introduced to Ecostrike. It had been a long time since a Hardcore band had me as excited as I was when I first checked out their Time Is Now 7 inch. That record, with its 90's Straight Edge Hardcore sound, grabbed my attention and would not let go. Easily my favorite record of last year.

When I heard that Triple B was going to be releasing an album from Ecostrike in 2018, it immediately jumped to the top of the list of most anticipated releases for the year.

The album certainly delivers on its promises and lives up to the hype. While the 7 inch had me drawing comparisons to the first couple of Earth Crisis 7 inches, the sound on this album reminds me more of One Truth-era Strife. Earth Crisis...Strife...you can't lose with either one. It will be interesting to see if Ecostrike can make the top of my list two years running. Right now, I think they have a pretty good shot.

When preorders went up, I went with the simple black vinyl option. Both the black and colored splatter vinyl were limited to 200 each, but I was counting on the splatter looking like shit, so I went black instead. Now I kind of want that splatter vinyl as well...and maybe the pink colored vinyl as well...oh fuck, might as well add the record release to the want list as well.


xtinox said...

got the pink record a few days ago. i am absolutely blown away by it. i love this strife/earth crisis vibe that you mentioned. best hardcore release in 2018 so far!

mcs said...

Good timing. In my usual fashion, I finally got around to listening to this band for the first time ever at the weekend. Loved it instantly. Of course, I could have listened to it months ago and bought myself a copy of the 7", but I decided it would be more fun if I waited until it was completely sold out and they were pretty much the biggest band in hardcore before I gave them a chance.
Definitely agree. The 7" sounds like Earth Crisis, and this record sounds like Strife 'One Truth'. Will be interesting to see what sound they go for on the next one. Snapcase? The Dougnuts? Hifi & The Roadburners?