Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The More They Stay The Same

Back when I was obsessing over records from 2005, and I was picking up vinyl from Mental and Lion Of Judah, I uncovered a number of forgotten treasures. Man, I had forgotten just how much fun some of this stuff is, and it was a charge getting back into it.

While I already had a copy of the last One Up single, my copy was on green vinyl...and since the blue vinyl was available on Discogs for only a fiver, it was a cheap way to burn some of the energy that had been building up with this obsession. "Hey, I really like listening to this record right now, so I might as well buy another copy of it". Solid logic.

I absolutely love this record. The a-side is great, but man, that Texas Is The Reason cover on the b-side really gets me moving. I really like Texas Is The Reason, but man, if there was ever an instance where the cover beats the original...this is it. This has a total latter-day Turning Point vibe. Damn...if only the band stuck it out for one more record. I would have loved to have seen what they could have put together.

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