Monday, April 02, 2018

Steel And Silver

The 2018 new releases are starting to roll in! Three months into the new year, and I've only posted one new release, but checking my backlog of records that need to posted up here on the blog, and things are starting to pick up steam.

A couple of years ago, Visigoth came out of nowhere with their debut LP, and that thing kicked my ass. Their traditional metal sound really hit all of my buttons back in 2015, and that album rocketed up my Top 10 list. When I heard that Visigoth had a new album coming out this year, I preordered a copy without hesitation. Rather quickly, it made my short list of most anticipated releases for the year.

Man, this album is a solid follow up to The Revenant King. It starts off hella strong, and initially makes a case for being as good as the debut, but then things get a little shaky with Salt City, and even though they are trying for another Iron Brotherhood type anthem, it misses the mark for me, and therefore puts the album just a notch below their debut.

Limited to 300 on the clear with smokey blue colored vinyl. Damn, that vinyl color looks great!

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