Thursday, April 12, 2018

All Chrome

I was recently reading an interview with Pat Flynn over at No Echo. I don't normally care about interviews with hardcore bands, but Pat Flynn is such an interesting and eloquent dude, that I figured that I'd check it out. No surprise...the interview was great. What did kind of surprise me was the mention of a hardcore band from the late 90's that I'd never checked out before.
One of my all time favorite hardcore bands is All Chrome from New Bedford, Massachusetts. A pretty much unknown band that fused the sound of Verbal Assault with the likes of Quicksand and Supertouch. What is important to me about that band is the community it fostered. Had they not formed, I know I would not have fell in love with the hardcore scene and perceived as a real community of creativity. I would have drifted off in search of something else. They never toured extensively or put out an LP. But if Have Heart or anything I’ve offered to the hardcore scene had any positive impact, then All Chrome sure as hell played a major role in the hardcore scene.
Suddenly, I was very interested in tracking down some songs from All Chrome and giving them a listen.

While I don't have the same level of appreciation that Pat Flynn has for this band, this is still a pretty good record. I mean, 1999 was an odd time for hardcore as it was, and All Chrome definitely fit the time when some hardcore bands didn't fit into a defined style.

According to Discogs, this was only pressed on black vinyl, so for $4, I grabbed a copy.

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mcs said...

I'd never heard of this either. Just listened to it. It's ok, but I don't really get the Quicksand or Supertouch comparisons that he mentioned at all.
Someone once told me that Ferret pressed 100 copies on purple for every release they made. Not sure if this is true, but I'm aware of 3 Ferret releases on purple, so it may well be.