Friday, March 02, 2018

You Stupid Asshole

I was excited to start 2018 off by making a good run at some New Wave Of British Heavy Metal records. My daily playlists were restricted to that period of 1977 through 1980, and I was discovering all kinds of treasures that I'd never heard before. I was buying some big time records and having a good time...and then I got sidetracked with some early 80's hardcore punk. I was trying to focus on some undiscovered NWOBHM stuff from 1980, but shit like Agent Orange, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and The Angry Samoans kept pulling me in for repeat listens instead.

Despite having just dropped a lot of money on a couple of big time NWOBHM records, and should have been scaling back my spending, I couldn't resist the call to extend the spending spree with an expensive punk record.

I've had my sights set on an original pressing of the first Angry Samoans record, Inside My Brain, for a long time now. It has been so long, that this year I finally added it to my Top Ten Wants For 2018 list on the sidebar of this blog...just as a constant reminder to finally get the job done. Mission accomplished.

I love the first two records from The Angry Samoans. They are loud, snotty, and over the top. As someone that considers himself rather PC, you would think that this stuff wouldn't be a good fit, but I'm giving them a free pass. Hey, it was the 80's, and we weren't too sensitive to that shit like we are today. If it were a newer band, some of these lyrics would not fly. Still, I'm careful not to blast this one when the kids are around.

As a cool extra with this copy, the seller had included a couple of promo sheets, and some old interviews.

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