Sunday, March 25, 2018

Preorder Powertrip

When I was picking up the Mental and Lion Of Judah records from an overseas Discogs seller, I couldn't resist the temptation to add just one more record to my cart before checking out.

Nothing Done have been one of my favorites from the mid to late 00's. High energy Hardcore that never fails to get me moving. Since discovering them back in 2007, I've slowly been adding their different pressings to the collection, and adding a record here and there. I've been off my Nothing Done game for a number of years, but while I was on Discogs wasting money, I found this pressing of their Powertrip LP that I was missing, and I scooped it up.

Limited cover for preorders that wraps around the original packaging. Numbered and limited to 60.

This is now my fourth copy of the album, alongside the second pressing on blue vinyl, the UK tour pressing, and the record release cover. I love how each of the limited covers is limited to 60...because I like uniformity like that.

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