Thursday, March 29, 2018

Master Of Box Sets

I started collecting the Metallica deluxe box sets when they released them for Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning back in 2016. Thankfully they gave us some time to catch our breath before rolling out the third one in the set...Master Of Puppets.

These deluxe box sets do not come cheap, and it takes a serious commitment to plan on chasing them. When it was announced that Master Of Puppets was getting the deluxe treatment, I couldn't help but inwardly groan. Fuck. I'm having a good time spending money on old records through Discogs and eBay. I don't know if I really want to shift my focus over to this beast.

When release day rolled around, I was surprised that it didn't show up at my local record store. It seemed as though it was sold out before it hit the shelf, and the store didn't seem to have any available. Suddenly, my interest in getting my hands on one of these increased. I mean, I obviously needed one to keep the collection going, but now I was starting to panic on how difficult it might be to find one, and I went from "I'll pick one up at some point" to "I need this right fucking now".

I hate shopping at my local Newbury Comics, but when I saw one on the shelf there...and it happened to be a 20% sale on all vinyl...I didn't hesitate to buy it.

This box set is massive. High quality and stuffed with all kinds of cool shit for the Metalli-nerd.

We obviously start things off with a vinyl pressing of the album...the Damage Inc print is a nice touch.

I love the early Metallica live stuff...back when the band was still hungry and the exclusive double live vinyl that is included in the box set is one of the high points of this packaging.

So many cool shows, interviews, demos, and Jason Newstead's auditions. Pretty wild to hear the original version of Welcome Home (Sanitarium), which included a portion that was later pulled out and used for Orion. Even the folder with copies of handwritten lyrics just adds to the level of detail that went into this box set.

Finally, there is the hardcover book that is full off old photos, magazine articles, and reflections from those that were there at the time of Master Of Puppets. Hella cool all around.


mcs said...

Looking forward to the 'St Anger' set. Presumably that will come out circa 2025.

Mike said...

Maybe for St Anger they will have demo versions where the drums don't sound like cardboard boxes. Would buy.