Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Give Me Some Space

There are basically two camps when it comes to Turnstile. Those that love what the band is doing, and those that hate them with every fiber of their being. To be honest, I was expecting that with their new album, Time & Space, that they were going to lose a step. I loved the band since I heard first heard their Pressure To Succeed record back in 2011, but I didn't expect much from the band with a new record seven years later.

I listened to their video single for the song Moon, and my first impression was not a favorable one. The song was different than what I expected, and seemed to lack that intense groove that I associated with Turnstile. It seemed to cement my preconceived notion that this new Turnstile album was going to be a dud. But even with those expectations as low as they could get, on a moment of impulse, I still preordered a copy of the vinyl when they were available. I figured that if I hated it as much as I thought that I was going to, I could just flip it on Discogs to recoup my loss.

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong, because this new record is fucking great. Turnstile push the boundaries of their sound...they continue to grow and yet still sound completely vital. Even my initial impression of the song Moon has done a 180 degree turn in the context of the album. I know that it is cool for us older guys to be all jaded and shit on this album, but I'm absolutely loving it.

For once, Turnstile don't release a record with some shitty cover art. This thing looks great, and the packaging is top notch. 400 pressed on orange vinyl.

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Willem RWHAF said...

your exact words Mike! I should be checking this out now too...