Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hard Nutz

As I was working my way through Martin Popoff's book, Wheels Of Steel, and reading about those early years leading up to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, I read about some band called Nutz releasing their third album in 1977. I recalled that they had a track on the classic Metal For Muthas comp, which was considered a big milestone that propelled the NWOBNH forward, so while I was neck deep in my 1977 playlist, I grabbed a download of Hard Nutz to check out.

Just like that Quartz album from the same year, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, and I was playing the two of them back to back, just about every day. Listening to Hard Nutz these days, I can't imagine why this band wasn't fucking huge...oh yeah, that's right, their name was Nutz and that album cover is horrendous. So many bad decisions that hide the fact that this album contains some killer 70's rock.

I'm glad that I discovered this album, but obviously most people are still in the dark over them, as I was able to pick up this excellent condition record for well under $10.

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