Monday, January 22, 2018

Rock In Portland

Sandwell is the live bootleg king. I can't touch that dude when it comes to the bootleg game, and every time he pulls in another haul, it just influences me to want to hunt some down as well.

When I saw pictures of his latest Iron Maiden bootleg shopping spree, there was one that caught my eye more than any of the others. I set out frantically searching for a copy to buy. After a few minutes in a panic, desperately trying to find one for sale, I was able to lock one down on eBay, and with little regard to cost or shipping fees, I hit that Buy It Now button.

Portland, Maine isn't going to be well known for it's Metal scene. We did okay through Metal's peak in the 80's, and we had some great shows that came through town, but it wasn't uncommon for a touring band to hit Massachusetts, and call it good.

So when I saw that Sandwell had an Iron Maiden bootleg that was recorded in my hometown, I had a burning need to get one of these into my collection.

The show was recorded in 1982, and was a couple of years before my I didn't start going to shows until Maiden came through town for the Powerslave tour in early '85. Still, to see the Cumberland County Civic Center's name on the album, and thinking back to how many concerts I saw there over a five year span...damn, it feels cool to see the name in print on something like this.

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Wayne said...

I was at this show, Maiden opened for Judas Priest. An epic night. How is the audio, audience tape, soundboard? I may have to search this one out.