Thursday, January 25, 2018

America's Hardcore Glory

For someone that doesn't really chase multiple copies of records anymore, I've really strayed from my path this month. What can I say? That focus and resolve has shown a few cracks lately, and picking up different pressings for some cool records has given me a bit of charge.

The Glory 12 inch was one of my favorite Hardcore records last year. Along with a couple other newer Triple B releases, it really pushed me into an obsession with newer Hardcore bands. I've even toyed with the idea of buying multiple copies of this record, just because of how good it is. I haven't made a move on that impulse, generally because dipshit sellers on Discogs insist on listing the limited pressings for $50. Fuck that. I'll wait until 2028 if I have to, and scoop them for a decent price when the record collecting community had chilled the fuck out.

This special cover was printed up for the American Hardcore shows that took place in Boston last December. I seldom leave the comfort of my old man cave these days, so I just bought this one from Triple B when they put some extra copies in their webstore.

The b-side of this record is blank, so I guess it completes the theme with the back cover being empty as well.

Limited to 50 with the limited AHC cover.

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