Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Iron Chic III

I fell hard for Iron Chic when I first heard their debut album, Not Like This. That record was infectious as hell, and almost six years later, I still can't listen to it without turning the volume up and singing along whenever I hear it. I love that album so much that it will be Iron Chic's curse that no other record that they release will compare to that initial blast.

Regardless of if I think a new Iron Chic album would fail to measure up to their first one, I still got excited when I heard they would be releasing You Can't Stay Here this year.

Yeah, this album is fun...and the way it comes out of the gate with those first two songs, almost had me fooled into thinking that it was going to be as good as Not Like This. We lose a little steam after those songs, but man, this record is a good time.

800 pressed on clear with black, red and gold splatter. As far as splatter vinyl goes, this actually looks really good, and the gold accents on the cover are a nice touch.

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