Saturday, November 11, 2017

Blue Roo Dynamite

A few weeks ago I posted about the vinyl I picked up for AC/DC's Blow Up Your Video album. I'd been tossing around the idea in my head of possibly chasing the Australian first pressings for the least for the Bon Scott era...and grabbing the oddball record of Blow Up Your Video felt kind of silly and spontaneous.

While buying that record felt like a step backward from where I wanted to take my AC/DC collection, it did kind of kick me in the ass and get me thinking more seriously about that goal. Soon after that, I ended up with a good chunk of cash in my Paypal account from selling stuff on Discogs, and I knew exactly what I was putting that money towards.

The early AC/DC Australian catalog is very different from what I grew up with here in the US. With different album covers and track listings...for instance, most of the songs on the Aussie pressing for T.N.T., ended up on the US pressing for High Voltage...while the Australian pressing of High Voltage was a completely different set of kind of stoked the flames on my interest in collecting the Australian pressing. It seemed to make for an interesting quest.

AC/DC first Australian pressings don't come cheap, but this one was worth every penny. Great condition for an album that was released in 1975.

There are a number of different pressings on the Australian Albert labels, black labels, red labels...but for a true first press you gotta make sure that the blue label has the kangaroo logo on there.

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Doug W said...

Damn! You went full Kangaroo!!! Awesome score. I have my own thoughts, but when I finally go for the Albert pressing of Highway to Hell, I am going red label.