Sunday, September 03, 2017

Dillinger Gunpowder

Autumn is just around the corner, and cooler temperatures are rolling in...but here I am still digging through my record backlog from those Summer days when the sun was still high in the sky, and pop punk was blasting from my stereo as I was headed to the beach.

Over the past two years, Pinhead Gunpowder had kind of become my go-to band for a Summer soundtrack. I picked up the Carry The Banner record earlier this Summer, and was hoping to expand the collection a bit more.

Last year I discovered that Pinhead Gunpowder did a split with Dillinger Four. It didn't seem to show up from US sellers too often, so I threw it up on my Discogs Wantlist, and played the waiting game.

A month after picking up Carry The Banner, I got a notice the the split with Dillinger Four was available, and the timing was perfect for me to swoop in and grab it.

I've always loved D4, but it was cool to find that this split had a couple of songs that I'd never heard. 17 years after their release, here I am giving the songs their first spin on my turntable and hearing them for the first time.

These songs are great...with all the energy and attitude that you would expect from the classic D4 years. Funny how I discovered this record by hunting down Pinhead Gunpowder stuff, but now, this is tempting me to add some Dillinger Four vinyl to the collection.

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