Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Stuck In The 90's: Part 2 - 1991 Hunger Games

Picking up the two Hunger Farm 7 inches earlier this year proved to be an awesome find. Great stuff that fits in nicely with what Lookout Records was releasing from bands like Cringer and Monsula. Somehow, I missed out on this band at the time, but discovering them in 2017 is like finding a long forgotten buried treasure.

With my 90's obsession in full swing, and having just discovered the two Hunger Farm 7 inches, I figured that I might as well grab their full length LP as well. It was tough to find a copy on green vinyl here in the US, so I ended up grabbing a copy from an overseas seller in the Discogs Marketplace. Solid deal at just over $6.00 for a record that is over 25 years old and still in the shrink wrap.

When I posted a picture of the first two Hunger Farm 7 inches to Instagram, Big Frank from Nemesis Records commented that the high point for the band was the Dogma LP. Initially, I wasn't feeling it...but with repeat listens, this album grows on me more and more. Surprising that this band wasn't making more noise at the time, because I'm loving them right now.

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