Monday, August 14, 2017

Stuck In The 90's: Finale - Reach The Sky

As the 90's came to a close, a lot of that weird shit fell away, and bands got back to playing straight up Hardcore again. For me, it was perfect timing for the "Youth Crew revival" to happen, as I was growing more and more tired of the screamo/chaotic thing that was going on. As we got over the hump of '95, I just wanted to get back to stagedives and singalongs.

Thankfully, a bunch of bands came around at the perfect time, and made Hardcore fun again.

Reach The Sky were one of those bands. When they were on stage, their passion and energy just carried out to the floor. They didn't follow the Youth Crew template, but man, kids loved to crowd to the front of the stage and jump around.

When I was recently at the Violence To Fade show back at the end of May, I was checking out some records that someone had for sale. In the pile were a bunch of Reach The Sky records, and they caught my attention. I didn't have the money to buy them at the time, but it planted a seed. I'd never really considered chasing multiple copies of the Reach The Sky records, but seeing a few pieces of colored vinyl at the distro table ignited a spark, and after getting home from the show I couldn't stop thinking about them. It didn't take me long to hit up discogs, and find a seller with multiple pressings available.

I already own the red vinyl for the Lost Glories 7 inch, so I grabbed the gold and blue pressings. I just need the white vinyl to call this one complete.

When Reach The Sky released Open Roads And Broken Dreams back in '98, I was all about the CD, and didn't buy the vinyl. This white pressing is my first piece of vinyl for this one, and I'm happy add it to the collection.

The Everybody's Hero record is pointless, as the four songs here ended up on the band's So Far From Home album....but then again, I just bought my second and third copies of the Lost Glories 7 inch, so I've got "pointless" nailed down.

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