Thursday, July 06, 2017

Hit And Red

At the end of 2015, I picked up a copy of Decibel Magazine that counted down the top 100 old school metal albums. I love a good list, and had a great time reading about their Top 100. I'm a huge metalhead, so I knew most of the albums listed, but there were still a few surprises from records that I'd never heard before.

One of these surprises was Girlschool.

Of course I was familiar with the band name...having recorded the St. Valentines Day Massacre split with Motorhead kind of makes it hard to have never heard of Girlschool before...still, outside of their songs with Motorhead, I never bothered.

I was determined to listen to every album on Decibel's Top 100, and with Girlschool's second album, Hit and Run, charting at number 68, I grabbed a sneaky download, and threw it into the mix.

Much to my surprise, I loved it. Their punked up kind of rock n roll, hit all the right buttons, and I found myself listening to those songs daily.

For me, there is something really cool about colored vinyl in the 70's and early 80's. Black vinyl was king at the time, as opposed to today, where every album gets 10 different colored vinyl grabbing colored vinyl from those early days seems special to me. When I discovered that there was a red vinyl pressing of Hit and Run, I had to grab one.

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