Saturday, July 08, 2017

Black And Blue God

Black God rolled out a few 7 inch records from 2011 to 2013, and I could not get enough of them. They really hooked me at the time, and even sucked me into buying multiple copies of each one. Then after that initial burst of activity, the band went silent. Almost four years later, Black God come out of nowhere, and drop another 7 inch.

With their latest 7 inch, 4our, Black God stick with the formula they perfected through their first three records. They carry a strong 90's Hardcore sound, and still come across as totally unique in today's Hardcore scene.

100 pressed on opaque blue vinyl.

The first three Black God records have a set of rules etched into the dead wax, and I was looking forward to see what commandments they would lay forth this time around. Rule #7 and #8 were new for this record, but I'll post the full set here for the hell of it.

Rule #1: No song over two minutes

Rule #2: No record over six songs

Rule #3: No record larger than seven inches

Rule #4: No cover songs

Rule #5: No splits

Rule #6: No stress

Rule #7: No Idea

Rule #8: Break Rule #1

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