Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Mighty Violence To Fade

It has been a long time since I've gone out to a Hardcore show. Holy shit. I can't even remember when it was? We have got to be talking years. Yup...I'm that old guy now that doesn't want to leave his house, and would rather go to bed early with a good book than deal with Boston parking and see Judge play a reunion show. I hate myself.

Some newer Hardcore bands have been kicking my ass this year, and they managed to shake me from this slumber that I've been trapped in for the past few years. When Keith from Violence To Fade announced that his band was having a record release show for their new album, I committed myself to shaking off the cobwebs, and getting out to a Hardcore show.

I love a good record release cover, and the one that Violence To Fade put together does not disappoint. Keith is a huge superhero and anime fan, so to see this comic book cover for the Unstoppable Force record release is a perfect fit.

There were a few bands on the bill that I was interested in checking out. Glory was the one that I was most excited to see, but Violence To Fade, Our Side, and Vantage Point were great to see as well...and Red Sun is definitely a band to keep an eye for in the future. Too bad the sound was so terrible in VFW hall that the vocals were buried in the wall of sound. Hey, I guess that I've been spoiled over the past few years with Metal bands and a decent PA.

Number 8 out of only 25 made for the show. Worth making the two and a half hour drive for this alone!

Before the record release show, my preorder for Unstoppable Force arrived from Triple B. Such a solid influence of that classic New York Hardcore sound. Another great release from Triple B.

100 pressed on blue.


mcs said...

That release cover looks awesome. Good work!

Willem Termote said...

Great cover and ultra limited! Makes we want to check it out.