Friday, June 02, 2017

Black Vinyl Sux

I'm not the biggest Descendents fan in the world. They can be really good, and a load of fun to listen to, but I don't really consider them terribly collectible for myself. Still, when I was thinking about finally buying a copy of Everything Sucks on vinyl, I had some colored vinyl copies in my Want List on Discogs.

All that changed when I noticed that my local record store had the new 20th anniversary pressing in stock. Lured in by the embossed cover and bonus 7 inch, I didn't stand a chance to resist the temptation of instant gratification.

In my haste, I failed to do any research, and later discovered that this was pressed on a couple different colors as well. Great. Not the original pressing. Not colored vinyl. Just your common black vinyl pressing. Fuck me.

Since I'd never heard the two songs on the bonus 7 inch, that was the bait that hooked me. Two cool Descendents songs that were a nice addition to this album.

Despite my disappointment in not waiting to chase the limited colored vinyl, and since I only need one copy in my collection, I'll look on the bright side, and just be happy to finally own a copy of this on vinyl.


Mark-Sandwell said...

I have an original 1996 black vinyl copy. That will do for me.

Willem Termote said...

I do like to listen to Descendents on occasion, have three of their titles on black vinyl. 'Everything Sucks' however is the least one for me, while 'Milo Goes To College' is their best.

Nico said...

Best reunion record ever in my book, even the b-sides are great.