Sunday, May 14, 2017

Reality Protester

There were a few years recently where all I cared about was Metal. New releases, or older didn't matter...Metal ruled my daily playlists. I just had no real burning interest in Hardcore...and if you were a newer Hardcore band, it was pretty tough to capture my attention for much more than a casual listen. During all that time though, Protester were one of the few new bands that were able to get me excited.

Earlier this year, I found myself in position I hadn't been in for a number of years. I was getting a charge out of checking out newer hardcore bands. I bought up a number of new records, and I was loving it. So it was perfect timing for Protester to come along and release a new album.

Protester keep up the same intensity with Hide From Reality. Another great new Hardcore record to add to the mix!

200 pressed on blue vinyl.

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