Sunday, April 10, 2016

Shades Apart

When I was picking up the Moving Targets LP, the seller had it listed with a Make An Offer option. I took advantage of this and sent over my offer, and in an attempt to sweeten the deal, I told him that I'd also take the Shades Apart record he was selling as well. I figured that the opportunity to unload another record at the same time would make my offer more attractive, and it paid off, as I walked away with both pieces of vinyl for a great price.

I first heard Shades Apart back when their Dude Danger EP was released back in '91. I loved that record and even got the chance to see them live in some small room behind a Harvest Co-op around Boston around that time. It was sometime during the early to mid 90' know, when it was frowned upon to move or show any kind of excitement when a band 50 of us squeezed into that room, and tried to pretend like we weren't having any fun. Shades Apart were cool to see at that time, even though I didn't know most of the songs they played for their set. I'd never heard the band's debut LP at the time, and didn't get a chance until my brother picked up the '94 CD release. Once I'd heard it, it instantly became my favorite Shades Apart record. Nothing they did after this or Dude Danger could come close.

Even though this was my favorite by Shades Apart, I still had never owned a copy. It was a good feeling to finally add this to the collection.

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mcs said...

Great record and band. I laughed at the notion of trying to look like you weren't having fun. Haha!