Friday, February 19, 2016

Evil Or Divine

Since Dio's death in 2010, we've seen four new live albums, plus a first vinyl pressing for two earlier live releases. Some people may complain that someone is taking advantage of Dio's passing, and making a few bucks by digging out these live recordings, but as a Dio fanboy, I've been loving it. Each one captures a moment in time for Dio, and they are all unique. I may not pull them out very often for a spin, but I'm happy as hell to have access them.

Originally released as a DVD in Europe back in 2003, the Evil Or Divine live recording wasn't released on CD until 2005...and then we didn't see a vinyl release until 2011. Picking up Dio's Live In London album last year reminded me that I'd been slacking in keeping up with these live albums, and I'm glad to cross another one off the list...and with the bidding topping out at $10 on eBay, this copy was a steal.

Evil Or Divine captures Dio touring for the Killing The Dragon album back in 2002, and hearing the three new songs from that one from Magica...makes this live recording special.

Checking the tour dates at this time, I see that Dio played Massachusetts three goddamn times over a 13 month stretch...and I didn't see him once. What a missed opportunity.

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