Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Exodus Official Live Bootleg

Night of the Vinyl Dead is a record label out of Italy that specializes in pressing records that originally never saw an official vinyl release. I was obsessed with this label back in 2008, spending good money for vinyl releases for King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Sodom and Saxon. Vinyl pressings were never more than 500, so they were pretty limited, and trying to grab them through eBay got to be damn expensive. After my initial shopping spree throughout that year, I got overwhelmed with the pricing and moved on.

I got the itch for more Night of the Vinyl Dead pressings with the copy of the Laaz Rockit live LP that I picked up earlier this year. Then when I saw the latest NOTVD pressing available in the Nuclear Blast Germany webstore during a last ditch attempt to get a few more 2015 releases before the year came to a close, I jumped at the opportunity.

Exodus - Live at the DNA 2004 | Official Bootleg.

Nuclear Blast originally released this on CD, back in 2005, so it is nice to finally have a vinyl pressing of it ten years later. This show was recorded for the band's record release party for Tempo Of The Damned back in 2004. At one point Exodus was selling DVDs of the live show, but it is apparently out of print and rather difficult to find these days. While I downloaded an unofficial bootleg of the show years ago with the full set list of 24 songs, this official release contains only nine of the songs...all from Tempo Of The Damned.

Pretty cool "bootleg" packaging, on red vinyl with hand stamped labels. Number 393 out of 500.

While this isn't something that I'll probably return to very often, it is still cool to own this record, and it makes a nice addition to my Night Of The Vinyl Dead collection.

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