Thursday, October 08, 2015

Jesus Is Dead

Once upon a time, Atomic Action put up the new Sweet Jesus LP for preorder. Everyone in the Hardcore world rushed to buy a copy of the most anticipated record of the year. Seasons passed...empires rose and fell...the earth struggled under the march of "human progress", and as she breathed her last breath, it's human inhabitants abandoned her to colonize distant planets...and then, and only then, the grandchildren of Hardcore kids' grandchildren opened their mailbox to find a box addressed to their long deceased ancestors, containing a strange circular wax object with the strange words "Sweet Jesus" emblazoned across the front cover.

Delay after delay plagued the release of Sweet Jesus' debut was so long ago that I can't remember all the details, but I think at some point the band just gave out free downloads to those of us that had pre-ordered. I'm odd, and in some cases I don't want to listen to the songs until the vinyl arrives, and that was the case with the Sweet Jesus LP. Unfortunately, it took so long for the record to arrive that by the time it got here, I no longer gave a shit, and couldn't muster up the interest to pay it much attention.

As I worked my way through my vinyl backlog for the blog, and was preparing to write this post, I was forced to finally give the vinyl a spin.

Okay, I knew the album was going to be good, but once I sat down with the record and finally paid attention I was surprised with just how good it was. For the Pat Flynn comparison...if you threw You Destroy Yourself into a steel cage death match with Have Heart's Songs To Scream At The Sun, this Sweet Jesus record would be the only one walking out alive.

Still, regardless of how much I liked this record, when the REV exclusive yellow vinyl was made available, or when Atomic Action made the orange vinyl available in their store, I couldn't be bothered to buy more fucking copies. A choice that I may someday regret, but for now, I just don't have the money to keep pouring into this record.

Because of the extended delays with the record, the label included a special Sweet Jesus flexi for those that had waited the longest with pre-orders. All the cool kids had one included with their order, and if you didn't get one, you were a giant loser.

Pretty cool flexi with Sweet Jesus doing a couple of covers. Void on one side, and In My Eyes on the other.


xtinox said...

love the opening story, haha!

mcs said...

The first paragraph made me laugh. Good stuff!

Doug W said...

Your best post of the year! I really love this album, but damn you nailed it. Mine arrived and I shelved it without even cracking it open. Good thing I like mp3s.

xhotandfatx said...

Is it bad that I'm so used to delays these days that this one didn't bother me either. Great record as well as one of my favorites of 2015. Solid post.