Monday, October 19, 2015

Content With Buying

I've been thinking more and more about thinning the herd, and selling off some of the more pointless pieces of my record collection. Seriously...what is the point of owning three different pressings of the B9 reissue of Victim In Pain, when I don't even own an original Ratcage pressing? With the stupid number of different pressings that Reaper did for the Turnstile records, I'm never going to attempt to collect them all, so what is the point of owning 14 different pieces of vinyl for their two 7 inches? Why bother with 12 different colored vinyl for Orchid's Mouth Of Madness, when I need to make space for Vio-lence and Atrophy records? It may be time to give up on some of the dead weight.

That said, I feel like an idiot posting about Chokehold reissues.

Man, I played the shit out of my original Bloodlink CD for Content With Dying. The production sounded like shit, but goddamn, it was the soundtrack to my '95/'96 year. It completely captured that angry PC Hardcore sound and style of the time. We don't have time for fun when we are this serious and pissed off.

This LP also contains the songs from the Tooth And Nail 7 inch. I bought that 7 inch back when it was released in '97. You know what else was released in '97? 7 inches from Rain on the Parade, Bane, Reach the Sky, Outspoken...the Ten Yard Fight LP...the In My Eyes demo. You know what got pushed to the side and never listened to? That last Chokehold 7 inch.

Listening to all of these songs today, I'm surprised at how well they have held up over the years.

A year or so ago, I made a run at a first press, blue vinyl copy of the Prison Of Hope album. I was desperate to get a copy and was prepared to spend big money to own one. In the end, I lost the auction, and then couldn't seem to find another one that was available for sale. After coming up empty handed, my initial fever for the blue vinyl quickly burned out, and I moved on. Oh look, blue vinyl for the reissue, and also limited to 100...meh...close enough.

When I first got into Chokehold with the Prison Of Hope LP, I soon discovered that they had also released a 7 inch back in '92. I was pretty excited when I found a copy back in the early 90's, and bought it without hesitation. It was a disappointing listen, and I quickly shelved it and let it collect dust. When I saw that it was being reissued on a 12 inch, with a bunch of comp and demo songs, I figured that I'd buy another copy and give it another chance. Damn it, now I have two pieces of vinyl with these songs that I'll never listen to again.

Each one of these was limited to 100, and only available through the Revelation Records distro. There were other pressings available as well, but this is enough for me.


J@screamingforrecords said...

Vio-lence!! Now we're talking!! Yes, make plenty of room for them

mcs said...

You totally should sell some stuff. I pulled out some stuff recently and it feels quite liberating. Oh yeah, and the feeling of cash coming in is also pretty cool.

chris said...

I almost pulled the trigger on this but finally decided that I didn't really need them. While I only have a few Chokehold records I'm happy with what I have.