Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sheavy Chase

A couple months ago, I picked up my first piece of sHeavy vinyl. Having never heard The Electric Sleep before, it immediately increased my appreciation for this band. I couldn't get enough of that album, and was soon looking to check out the follow up from 2000, Celestial Hi-Fi.

While Celestial Hi-Fi didn't set the hook immediately, I've found that with repeat listens, I enjoy it more and more. God damn, this band has jumped on my radar big time this year. Such a great Sabbath/doom/stoner sound.

I've been pretty hot on this band recently, and it was very tempting to spend the extra money and buy the clear vinyl Die Hard edition direct from Rise Above. In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and I saved the $60 shipping from overseas, and just bought the US pressing at a local record store. 1,000 pressed on solid purple vinyl.

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xtinox said...

great chevy chase word play, haha. he's a tradition to me watching the national lampoon's christmas movie every year.