Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Step To Rhythm

Sometimes I impulse buy. I see a record that I want, and I just buy it. No thought. No research. Sometimes this comes back to bite me, when I discover that if I'd spent a little time looking into the records pressing info, I would have made different choices with my purchase. Such was the case with the latest Rhythm Collision record that recently bought.

It blows my mind to think that the last piece of Rhythm Collision vinyl I bought was the Pressure LP back in 2010. What the fuck? When I started looking through the history of this blog, I was thinking that it was maybe two years ago...not five! Damn. Time flies. In any case, after buying Pressure, it meant that the Now LP was the only album that I didn't own from the band. I did a quick eBay search, and found an auction that was ending soon with zero bids. It was too good to resist, and it was an easy win at $6.00.

Then I started looking at the pressing info for the record, and realized that there were colored vinyl options...and those don't go for much more than what I'd paid for the black vinyl. Damn it. Now I wish that I'd had a bit more patience, and grabbed the colored vinyl instead.

Oh well, this album from 1992 is a great shot of uptempo punk rock. Great melody with a raw end that gets me bouncing whenever I hear it, so I'm just glad to finally have the vinyl in my collection.

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mcs said...

Jesus man, this kind of behaviour is both amateur and embarrassing. You could have at least bought the color one and put that up as well! Please sort ASAP!