Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cruel Hand Tour Press 2014

It seems like I rarely get out for shows these days. Time and money tend to be an obstacle each time. Those are legitimate excuses, right? It can't be that I'm getting old and lazy, and would rather just stay in. With Cruel Hand playing literally five minutes from my house, I figured that it would be pretty pathetic if I didn't get out for that show.

Once I got there, my first stop was the merch table. They had a tour press of their new record, Born Into Debt, and I quickly grabbed a copy.

It isn't what I'd expect from Cruel Hand, but I'm digging the cover.

Things got a little out of hand for Rude Awakening's set. I was standing back while they were playing, and I could see things on the dance floor getting more and more intense...I kept waiting for something to boil over, and sure enough it did. Soon there was a mass of people throwing punches, and the crowd took the fight into the parking lot. I'm sure it didn't end well for whoever was on the receiving end of it all. Whether it was deserved or not, I can't stand testosterone fueled shit like that.

Thankfully, relative order was restored for Cruel Hand's set. Man, they were fun to watch...one of the best times I've had watching them play.

It was cool to have Chris and Nate come over after their set to hang out and talk. Such great dudes.

Cruel Hand also had some promo "Heat" matchbooks at their merch table. I love cool little things like this, and since they were free, I grabbed a couple.

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xtinox said...

yeah, these bullshit fights are always a downer. those people should channel their aggressions into some stagediving!