Monday, January 06, 2014

Out Crowd And Out Some Records

This one is long overdue. I took the pictures for this post back in March last year. At the time, I'd just placed an order with Six Feet Under for a charity pressing of the Out Crowd/Written Off split 7 inch, as well as the new Written Off record (plus the Agitator LP), and I thought that it was a good idea to wait and combine them all for one post.

By June, SFU sent me a message saying that my package had been destroyed in the mail. I was given a few options on what we could do to fix the of them being to wait until the label got in new vinyl for the Out Crowd/Written Off record, and he would put that together with an extra copy of the charity sleeve that he had. I told him that I had no problem waiting, so this was the option that I chose. Months pass, and Six Feet Under moves their mailorder distribution over to Deathwish...and I don't receive my order. I send an email asking about my records, and get no reply. I see SFU sell some of the new Out Crowd/Written Off vinyl on ebay...and I don't receive my order. I send another reply. I post on the label's Facebook reply. At this point, I'm pretty convinced that in the shuffle of moving the distribution over to Deathwish, my order was lost. I hold little hope at this point of ever getting those records.

Fuck. I might as well post that Out Crowd 7 inch now.

Truth be told, I originally didn't pay much attention to the Out Crowd side of their split with Written Off. When the Just Us 7 inch was released back in 2012, people seemed to be talking about it a lot, so I figured that I'd give it a chance. Yeah, this is some solid Hardcore. I'm digging it.

Nothing limited or rare here. I was content with the regular pressing on green vinyl. 1,600 pressed.

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