Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Dollar Bin Pick Ups

I'm sure that no one is too excited to see a dollar bin post. Too bad. Suck it up, better stuff is on the way. By "better stuff", I simply mean something more exciting, because these two records are no slouches.

I don't generally like flipping through the used records at my local record store. I mean, it's not like I live in Boston or New York. When you are looking through stacks upon stacks of vinyl from John Denver and The Carpenters, you kind of get an idea that you aren't going to find anything of substance. Still, I was out late one night with my friend, Jeff, and he wanted to stop at the record store around the corner from us. I didn't have any money to spend, so I decided to just look through the dollar bin. Much to my surprise, I found a couple of cheap records to pick up.

I'd never heard Blackfoot before, but seeing the album cover in the bin, it caught my attention. It certainly had that 70's hard rock look, and knowing that Jeff is the expert on this stuff, I asked him about the band. Of course, he had heard of them and he recommended it, even if it was just for the song Every Man Should Know. Trusting his tastes, I bought it. The band has a nice Ted Nugent vibe going on. I'm digging it.

The other record that caught my eye was the first album from Kiss. While not a true first pressing, as it has the song Kissin' Time, that was added to the album after the initial is still an early press of the album, as it has the purple/blue Casablanca labels. Goddamn, this is such a solid album. Not a clunker in the bunch...well, with the possible exception of the forementioned Kissin' Time.

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