Monday, December 23, 2013

Get A Septic Tank

Another Sandwell recommendation. When the Septic Tank 7 inch was made available in the Rise Above store, Mark suggested that I pick one up. I'd never heard of them before, and might have passed them by as it looked a little different than what I'd come to expect from Rise Above...but I trust Mark's recommendations, so when I was buying the Horisont and Iron Man pre-orders, I grabbed a copy of this as well.

The band features Lee Dorian from Cathedral and Napalm Death (as well as the man behind Rise Above), and while I don't really care for either of those bands, Septic Tank is surprisingly good. Crushing, raw and thrashing Hardcore that kind of reminds me of early Discharge.

I like the look of colored vinyl with a black and white cover, so I decided to grab the solid red wax for this. Damn, this has to be the thickest piece of 7 inch vinyl that I own. Heavy duty.

100 pressed on red vinyl.

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