Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Second Press Turnstile

Turnstile's new 7 inch has certainly surprised me. When we started off the year, I was a bit disappointed with Step 2 Rhythm. Here we are in the closing months of the year, and now I find myself wondering where I should place it within my Top 10 list for the year. This record certainly grew on me, to say the least.

When Reaper Records announced the second pressing of Step 2 Rhythm, I didn't hesitate this time around.

800 pressed on pink vinyl.

200 pressed on lime green.

I love the vinyl colors for this pressing. Strangely enough, my lime green pressing comes in a Second Pressing sleeve, while my pink one does not.

Another variation between the first and second pressings are the b-side labels. I love it when record labels do these little changes to differentiate pressings. Too bad they didn't extend the changes to the entire front cover. I still hate that fucking thing.

Shortly after the second pressing of the Turnstile was available, Reaper uncovered a few copies of black vinyl from the first press. I was slow to move on the inital pre-orders for Step 2 Rhythm, and I missed out on the more limited pressing. I was glad for the opportunity to make up for that mistake, and I quickly added one to my cart.

300 on black from first press.

While I had all my Step 2 Rhythm vinyl, out I figured that I'd snap a picture. Looking good.


J@screamingforrecords said...

Nice collection shot Mike

mcs said...

Downloaded this after I saw the first set of pics you posted. Totally love this 7". The intro (especially the riff that kicks in after about 50 seconds in) blows my mind.

I currently have no Turnstile records. This needs correcting ASAP.

Willem Termote said...

Yeah, my second pressing colors also have different sleeves. They probably had some left. Also the Malfunction has different sleeves in second pressings.
I really need a black to complete my collection