Wednesday, September 25, 2013

REV Repress: Part 4342512566

Revelation keeps on churning out the vinyl repressings. While this was a lot of fun when they started doing this a few years ago for Record Store Day, at this point, I can say that the thrill is gone. There are some that I'll probably keep stepping up to the plate for, but no matter how much I love Judge, I can't see myself buying that double LP discography every time REV presses it on a new color.

Yet, for some reason, I'm okay with the third recent pressing of Break Down The Walls.

The vinyl on these things look beautiful, and even though the green doesn't really match the red and blue colors from the record cover, it still somehow looks great.

I'll complain at every chance I can to say that repressing of the the Inside Out record was a missed opportunity for REV. This should be a 12 inch and include the CD bonus songs Sacrifice and Redemption. Still, I'll step up and buy this every damn time.

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