Sunday, September 08, 2013

Reissues Can Dropdead

When I was listening to Hardcore back in the early 90's, there was an unholy trinity of bands that my wife could not tolerate. Born Against. Rorschach. Dropdead. She could hang with a lot stuff that I listened to at that time, but man, those three bands irritated her to no end. Shit was far too chaotic and over the top for her tastes. She doesn't understand the record collecting game at all, so I'm sure she'd roll her eyes at the thought of me buying a second copy of the first Dropdead LP.

While I'd vowed to cut back on the vinyl repress mania this year, I still found myself drawn to the latest pressing of Dropdead's first album. I'm not sure what it was. I own the original vinyl on Selfless Records from 1993, and since I don't collect Dropdead records, why did I feel the need to buy another copy? Not everything needs to be examined...we don't need a reason for everything, and some things are better left unexplained. I saw it in the store...I slid the vinyl from the sleeve and saw it was on blue wax...I wanted it, so I bought it. Simple as that.

It's hard to believe that this record is 20 years old this year. Still, these songs sound fresh and alive as they jump off the turntable with an incredible amount of anger and urgency. Ahhh...the timelessness of Hardcore.

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