Monday, September 09, 2013

REACT! Week - Part One: Noose

As usual, I'm far behind with my posts for the blog. I've got a large backlog, with a number of them being for new REACT! releases. I hate posting a bunch of different records within one post, so I'm going to separate each release, and try and blast through them over this next week. That's right, this is officially REACT! week here on the blog.

First up is the Noose LP, The Moral Law.

This full length compiles all the previous Noose material, three 7 inches and one compilation track, to a convenient LP. This shit is harsh and angry...hate fueled Straight Edge Vegan Hardcore. Intense. Granted the album cover featuring a gang of guys dressed like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert kind of ruins the mood, but I can see what they were going for.

350 pressed on green vinyl.

REACT! pressed only 150 on pink, with proceeds from this pressing going to the Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary. Animal liberation!

I've written here about the number of problems that I've had with Hellfish. REACT! has been using them as a disto, and I've had a string of bad luck. Crushed corners with one order, and wrong colored vinyl with others. The streak continues with this order, as they failed to send me the black vinyl copy of the Noose LP that I'd the Mindset CD was missing as well. I dropped a note to Ev at REACT! to let him know. I wasn't looking for him to fix their error, but I just wanted to give him a heads up. Ev let me know that, thankfully, REACT! is no longer using Hellfish. All mailorder is being managed in-house. Such great news. He was shipping me some other records from a separate order, and he kindly offered to include those items that Hellfish failed to send. No doubt, Ev is a solid dude! Thanks, man.

500 pressed on black vinyl.


Dustin said...

LEAVE NO DOUBT (about Ev being a solid dude.)

chris said...

Nice!!! Just FYI, I think Ev still has a test if you wanna make him an offer. He just emailed me about it last week. I just can't afford it right now.