Monday, September 02, 2013

Raw Justice

Life To Live Records is a solid label, and I tend to dig most of the records they release. When they announced that they were doing a split label release for a new band out of France called Raw Justice, I figured that I'd give them a chance.

The band had a free download over at their bandcamp page, so after checking it out and digging their raw old school sound, I decided to grab a copy from LTL.

Since this was a split release with two overseas labels, Ugly And Proud and Straight & Alert, Life To Live was only going to have 50 records available out of the 350 total pressed. For some reason I was worried that this was going to sell out fast, and made sure that I was first in line when pre-orders went up.

Three months later, Life To Live still have these available.

Being there early for pre-orders at least meant that I was able to grab a copy of the test pressing that Life To Live had up for sale. I love it when labels put up test pressings up for sale, and I'm too weak a man to just walk away. Couldn't resist picking up a copy.

Number 19 out of 23. "Only for promotion".

A few weeks ago, I saw that Straight & Alert had some left over copies of the Raw Justice tour pressing available. Since I had the regular pressing and the test, I couldn't just let the tour press pass me by.

Number 45 out of 70 with the special SSD cover for the Summer tour.

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