Saturday, September 07, 2013

Never Enough Time

We all know my story about trying to make up for lost time. After my "Ebullition years", I stopped buying vinyl. By 1996, I bought very few records, as I preferred buying CDs over vinyl. Then, much like the time I spent as a kid buying cassettes instead of vinyl, the seven year span from '98 to 2005 was a dark time in my music history. If it wasn't on CD, I didn't buy it.

When I started buying vinyl again, my Youngblood record collection consisted of one copy of the Rancor's Flip The Switch. That was all. I had about 19 or 20 of their past releases to catch up on.

I enjoy the hunt for those past Youngblood records. I'm in no rush to complete the collection, and don't always actively search out those missing pieces, but when I do acquire one, it is always a thrill.

When I saw that Sean Youngblood had uncovered a couple lost copies of the Desperate Measures LP, and had added them to the webstore, I figured that it was time to finally own my first vinyl copy of this record.

275 pressed on blue vinyl.

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